by Manolis Spanakis

Friday, 7 April 2017

Translations of the Axion Esti (O. Elytis, 1959)

Sorry, the translations are mine.
Abro mi boca (El Axion Esti. O. Elytis, 1959)
Abro mi boca y el piélago se regocija
y toma mis palabras en sus cuevas oscuras
y las susurra a las focas pequeñas
las noches quando lloran por los dolores de la gente.
Hago una muesca en mis venas y los sueños se enrojecen
y se convierten en aros en los barrios de los niños
y sábanas por las muchachas que pasan la noche despiertas
en secreto, para escuchar los milagros de los amores.
I open my mouth
I open my mouth and the sea rejoices
And takes my words in its dark caves
And whispers them to the small seals
The nights when they weep for the pains of the people.
I make a notch in my veins and the dreams redden
And become rings in the neighborhoods of children
And sheets for the girls who spend the night awake
In secret, to hear the miracles of loves.

Sorry, translations are mine.
Con la lamparilla de la estrella (El Axion Esti; Elytis, 1959)
Con la lamparilla de la estrella, yo he salido a los cielos
a la escarcha de las praderas, a la única costa del mundo
dónde encontrar mi alma, la lágrima con cuatro hojas.
Mis muchachas guardan luto por los siglos
Mis muchachos sostienen rifles y no saben
dónde encontrar mi alma, la lágrima con cuatro hojas
With the lamp of the star
With the lamp of the star, I have gone out to the skies
To the frost of the meadows, to the only coast of the world
Where to find my soul, the tear with four leaves.
My girls mourn for the centuries.
My boys hold rifles and they do not know
Where to find my soul, the tear with four leaves

Translations are mine, sorry!
Sangres de amor (El Axion Esti de Odysseas Elytis,1959)
Sangres de amor me purpuraron
y alegrías no vistas me sombrearon
me oxidé en el viento húmedo de la gente
madre lejana, mi rosa, rosa que no marchita nunca
En el mar abierto me acecharon
con buques de guerra de tres mástiles, y me bombardearon
fue mi pecado que yo también tenga un amor
madre lejana, mi rosa, rosa que no marchita nunca
En algún julio, se entreabrieron
sus ojos grandes en mis entrañas
para iluminar, por un momento, la vida virginal
madre lejana, mi rosa, rosa que no marchita nunca
Bloods of love (from the Axion Esti)
Bloods of love made me crimson
And unseen joys obscured me
I got oxidated in the humid wind of people
Distant mother, my rose, unfading rose
In the open sea, they trapped me
With three-masted bombard-ships, and opened fire
Sin of mine to have had, me too, a love
Distant mother, my rose, unfading rose
Some July ago, she half-opened
Her big eyes inside my bowels
For a moment, to light the virgin life
Distant mother, my rose, unfading rose

Elytis para mis amigos que hablan español (English below)
Fragmento de l' Axion Esti (translations are mine, sorry!)
Sol, imaginario, de justicia
Y tu, glorificando mirto
Non, los ruego, non
¡se olvidan de mi patria!
Tiene sus montañas en forma de águila
Sus volcanes, bordeados de viñedos
Y las casas más blancas
Vecinas con el azul.
Mis amargas manos con el trueno
Les doy vuelta detrás del tiempo,
Mis viejos amigos llamo
¡Con amenazas y con sangre!
Extract from the Axion Esti
Sun, imaginary, of justice
And you glorifying myrtle
Don't, I beg you, Don't
Forget my homeland!
It has its mountains in the form of eagle
Its volcanoes, lined with vines
And the houses more white
neighboring the glaucous.
My bitter hands with thunder
I turn behind the time,
My old friends I call
With threats and with bloods!

Elytis para mis amigos que hablan español (and English below)
Una sola golondrina (fragmento del' Axion Esti)
Una sola golondrina, la primavera es cara
el sol requiere mucho trabajo para volver
requiere de miles de muertos debajo de las ruedas
requiere que los vivos den su sangre
Dios mio, Primer Maestro, me creaste dentro de las montañas
Dios mio, Primer Maestro, me encerraste en el mar!
Los magos tomaron el cuerpo de "mayo"
Lo dejaron en un sepulcro del mar
En un pozo profundo lo han encerrado
Perfumaba la oscuridad y todo el abismo
Dios mio, Primer Maestro, dentro de las lilas Tu también
Dios mio, Primer Maestro, perfumaste la resurrección
One only swallow (from the Axion Esti)
One only swallow and the spring is dear
A lot of work is needed for the sun to turn
Thousands of dead in the reels
And the living to give their blood.
My God, Masterbuilder, you've built me in the mountains
My God, Masterbuilder, you've locked me in the sea!
Magicians have taken the body of May
And buried it in a tomb of the open sea
in a deep well they have closed it
It perfumed the darkness and the entire abyss
My God, Masterbuilder, You also in the lilacs
My God, Masterbuilder, You perfumed the Resurrection

Let's try now! here we go... :-)
Gloria (the finale of The Axion Esti by O. Elytis, 1959)
AXION ESTI the light and the first,
carved in stone, wish of man
The fury of the animal that pulls the sun
the plant that warbled and the day was
The shore that dives and, then, raises its neck
a stone horse that the sea is riding
the myriads of small blue voices
great white head of Poseidon
THE LEADING WINDS who officiate
who raise the sea like a Virgin
who blow, and oranges are on fire
who whistle to the mountains and they come
The beardless cadets of storm
the runners who traveled the celestial miles
the Hermeses with their pointy shades
and the caduceus of the black smoke
The Maistros, the Levant, the Garbis
the Pounentes, the north wind, the Sirocco
the Tramountana, the Ostria
AXION ESTI the wooden table
the blonde wine with the stain of sun
the plays of water on the ceiling
the Phylodentron of emergency in the corner
The stone walls and the waves, hand in hand
a paw that gathered wisdom in the sand
a cicada that convinced thousands of others
the consciousness, luminous as summer.
THE ISLANDS with minium and lampblack
the islands with the vertebra of some Jupiter
the islands with the deserted shipyards
the islands with the drinking blue volcanoes
with jib againt the breeze
sailing poncho lampanta with Garmpis
foaming to their full length
with purple pebbles and sunflowers
Sifnos, Amorgos, Alonissos
Thassos, Ithaca, Santorini
Kos, Ios, Sikinos
AXION ESTI the stone mantel
Myrto who stands facing the sea
as a nice 8 or a pitcher
with the matting of the sun in one hand
The porus white noon
a sleep feather climbing
the extinct gold amid the pillars
and the red horse that escapes
AXION ESTI commemorating
Saints Kirikos and Iouliti
a miracle burning in the threshing floors of heaven
priests and birds singing the Hail:
Hail the burning and Hail the green
Hail the unapologetic with the bow sword
Hail who steps and the marks are erased
Hail who wakes and miracles happen
Hail the wild fishing grounds of heaven
Hail the Sainte of islands' desert
Hail dream-bearer, Hail the sea-born
Hail the archer-moorer and the five-stared
Hail with your loose hair who makes the wind shine
Hail with your soft speech who tames the demon
Hail who compiles the liturgies of the gardens
Hail who befits the belt of Ophiuchus
Hail the dear sword-holder and modest
Hail the prophetic and daedalic
AXION ESTI the soil that brings
a smell of lightning like sulfur
the bottom of the mountain where
the dead hold the flowers of tomorrow
One night's of June, the lull
jasmine and dresses in orchard
the pet of the stars ascending
the joy at the moment just before crying
The girls, the herb of utopia
The girls, the misguided Pleiades
The girls, the vessels of mysteries
The filled full and the bottomless
The acrid in the dark, and yet wonder
The written in the light, and yet blackness
The turned on them like lighthouses
The sun-eaters and moon-walkers
Ersi, Myrto, Marina
Elena, Roxanne, Lucy
Anna, Alexandra, Cynthia
AXION ESTI the innocent tear
raising slowly from the beautiful eyes
of the children holding hand in hand
of the children look at each other speachless
The stuttering of loves on the rocks
a lighthouse explosing centuries of grief
the cricket, stubborn as remorse
and woolen left alone in the frost
AXION ESTI the hand that returns
from horrible murder and now knows
who is who excels
what is the "now" and what is "forever" of the world:
Now is the wild beast of the myrtle, Now the cry of May
FOREVER the extreme consciousness, FOREVER the Plisifae
Now, now the illusion mimicing the sleep
Forever, forever is the logos and the stars of Carina
Now the lepidopteran cloud, moving
Forever the mysteries of the light, flying around
Now the earth's sheath, and the Power
Forever the erosion of the Soul, and Quintessence
Now the Moon's black spot, the incurable
Forever the cyan-golden scintillation of the galaxy
Now the amalgam of peoples and the black number
Forever the statue of Dike (Justice) and the Great Eye
Now the humiliation of the Gods
Now the libation of Man
Now, now the zero